The Best NFT Slot for 2022

We’ve shortlisted the best NFT slots below by carefully going through their attributes, such as high Return to Player, low volatility, free and regular spins, scatter symbols and other features. We use these criteria to determine which are the best NFT slots in 2022.

In today’s modern age where technology is constantly evolving, we keep an eye on the best brands and their upcoming features so we can present up-to-date rankings and information on the most exclusive deals available online. Check out our list of great options to find the best NFT slot that suits you:

CasinoTypeHighlightsRatingAvailable at
NFT Events
  • Regular VR casino events
  • Roulette, blackjack and poker tables
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Casino with NFT benefits
  • Great variety of casino games
  • Great NFT collection
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Slot GameTypeHighlightsRatingAvailable at
NFT Slot Game
  • 1st slot game to integrate NFTs
  • Play with great welcome bonus
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Mobile Slot Platform
  • Awesome user interface
  • Includes many mobile games
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Slot EventTypeHighlightsRatingAvailable at
NFT Event
  • Free play event
  • Great NFT collection
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NFT Event
  • Events include many popular slots
  • Play many casino games including table games
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The Top Online Slots Related to the NFTs

What is an NFT slot?

The first slot machine was invented in 1891. Since then, there have been many modernisations and upgrades, but the main concept remains the same. Currently you can find many variations of slots and the most resent games are electronic. NFT slots is a highly profitable industry, which led is to the next natural step, where NFTs were introduced early after they became more maintstream. By playing NFT slots online you can fill the missing pieces of your collection or get a completely new digital artwork. You get the same experience as with the physical slot machine in a casino, but now you can play NFT slots online. Check out our NFT slot reviews.

How to Play NFT Slot Casino

If you've never played an NFT slot, you must have a few questions about it. Generally, everything works the same as with other online slot machines, but there are still few small things to keep in mind.

NFT slot casino is simply a gambling site, that uses cryptocurrencies to allow customers to pay for games and earn NFTs. Players get the value they can actually use in many different ways outside of the platform. Attending NFT slot events does not require formal bank verification.

What should I look for in NFT Slot Casinos? There are a few topics to keep in mind:

  • Check out the average cashout time, so you can withdraw your winnings instantly;
  • Make sure you can use a variety of cryptocurrencies to access the site and the NFT games;
  • Bonuses for both new players and loyal users;
  • Customer support is ready to assist you and answer your questions;

How to Play NFT Online Slots

Online NFT slots are as fun to play as traditional slot machines at your local casino. The NFT slot games are easy to play because they are totally random and your decisions can’t affect your chances of winning. It comes down to volatility. In some games, the likelihood of winning is higher, but the size of the prize is lower and vice versa. We have prepared a guide for beginners on how to start playing mobile NFT slot games down below:

Step 1. Get familiar with NFT slots terminology

It’s a good idea to get to know some slots terminology before playing. Almost every slot game has symbols, reels and paylines. Symbols are the images on the reels that help players form winning combos. Reels are the vertical lines where symbols are located. Paylines are the lines where the payouts are awarded.

Step 2. Find an NFT slot game

You can choose a game from our table that suits your style. We have created a list of NFT slot games that will help you choose with ease. You can try the games in demo modes first.

Step 3. Register at the casino

The process is pretty simple. You just connect your MetaMask wallet to the casino and you are ready to play.

Step 4. Start playing

Set your budget for playing and gamble responsibly.

Best NFT Slot Game for 2022

When we talk about the best NFT slots we keep in mind many of their features, like free spins, integrated NFTs, the possibility to win NFTs, and free play just to name a few. Whether you’re a newbie to NFT slot games or you just played some NFT slots free online and are looking to find the best NFT slot, below, we have reviewed the best NFT slot games on the market at the moment.

NFT Megaways slot is a revolution in the NFT gaming market by being the 1st slot online to have integrated NFTs in its design. The NFT collection that make this slot game so great is the popular Cryptopunks. We are obsessed with this Red Tiger's innovation and we're sure this is just the beginning and many more software providers will follow. The slot itself is a very unique game and is worth trying.

If you want to play for real, have a look at our top table where we have provided the casinos with the best welcome bonus to start your game. Soon we will expand our information about the slot in our own NFT Megaways slot review, so, please, check out regularly.

Types of NFT Slots

The best part about NFT slots is the huge range and variety of games available, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Whether it's the basic 3-reel slot, the iconic fruit machine, or the popular multi-Payline slot, there's something for everyone. What kind of NFT slots are perfect for your online casino? We have narrowed them down to 5 types of NFT slots:


The number of reels on an NFT slot game is one of the most basic ways to categorise it. The number of vertical parts that roll with each draw of the lever is referred to as reels. The majority of slots fall into one of three categories: three reels, five reels or seven reels, however, some unusual formats exist.

2.Multi-Payline NFT slots

The payIIne is a crucial element for many players when selecting a game. Players actively seek for games that provide the greatest chance of winning, which is why multi-Payline slots continue to attract players. Multi-Payline slots have thousands of paylines, whereas 5-reel slots normally have 20, 40, or 50 paylines.

3.Bonus slots

Any online slots game should include a bonus round. Players have grown to expect bonus features in their slots, and some may purposefully avoid games that do not give bonus spins. Bonus slots are most commonly found on five-reel machines, but they can also be found on seven-reel machines. These types of slots keep players coming back for that "one-extra" spin by providing at least one extra round.

4.Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are designed for gamers who desire to win a large sum of money or highly valuable NFT. The prize for some Progressive Jackpots can easily reach the hundreds, if not millions. As more players join the game, the jackpot grows incrementally by taking part of each bet made. Progressive Jackpots are sometimes linked across many online casinos, resulting in a larger reward pool. When players see the jackpot grow larger and larger, they can't help but keep spinning!


A random reel modifier is used in Megaways slots to vary the quantity of symbols that appear on reels during a single spin. To put it another way, a different number of symbols appear on each reel for each spin. As a result, after one spin, the first reel may show 5 symbols, the second reel 3, and so on. With each spin, there are hundreds of potential chances to win!

Bonuses, Promos & Free Spins by NFT Slots

Many crypto casinos offer NFT slots with free spins for trying them out. These NFT casino free spins may be part of a sign-up bonus, no deposit bonus, or connected to a new NFT slot. At some NFT slot events and games, you can actually play-and-earn NFTs. NFTs attached to casino winnings, are an effective way to verify ownership and earnings.

NFT casino bonuses and promotions are constantly changing. Special promotions can often be combined with regular bonuses. We recommend checking the promotions tab of your NFT casino regularly.

Frequently Asked

Some of the commonly asked questions about the NFT slots:


We’re devoted to helping you navigate the new and exciting world of the best NFT slots. Our independent team carefully evaluates and reviews each NFT slot machine creating a trusted exclusive NFT slot list for you to choose quickly and easily.